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These aren't "Tree Change Dolls"; but, they are wonderful and also affordable!

Because the artist and creator of the fabulous "Tree Change" dolls was gracious enough to create video's so that anyone who wanted to give it a try would have an idea of how to go about the process of re-purposing "Bratz" dolls, artisans from around the world are now able to flood the market with wonderful hand-painted dolls providing moms and grandma's with options for the little girls in their lives so that they won't have to purchase the over-sexualized and, frankly demeaning to women, "Bratz" and "Monster High" dolls.

For many the original Tree Change Dolls are simply out of reach because of the cost and the limited supply.  I have decided to keep mine affordable and make no real profit from the sale of my "Just K.I.D.S" dolls. I am so grateful that Sonja chose to share this craft with the world so that there are now so many options for so many kids.  Tree Change Dolls are now selling for $260+ dollars a doll.  For tho…