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My 2021 Card Designs are now available and they are the Coolest Ones I have ever created!

These images have taken more than a year to come together and I have not seen anything like them out there!  I was going to pick my top three favorites to make available as greeting cards; but, I could not decide on  three. So I decided to use all sixteen designs.  I will have 40 sets available at this price and once they are sold - the price will have to double based on supply costs. Hope you want a set or two! Available now for a limited time! 2021 Holiday Greeting Card set. To purchase visit my etsy shop! Just CLICK HERE
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"If Fairies made Flower Arrangements"

  While photographing all the lovely "weeds" in our "Bee Lawn" this year, I realized that I had a miniature Floral Shop, of my very own at my feet; and, not only that, but every single flower was free--and, there were a lot of them!  At the very same time, I also realized that I could make all the miniature flower arrangements that I wanted to--and I wanted to! Now, I realize that that probably sounds very strange to most of you.  But, it makes a great deal of sense to anyone who knows me well.   They know: #1 - Never, ever send me cut flowers!  I hate watching something so beautiful and expensive slowly die; and, #2 - I love the art of flower arranging especially Ikebana. So, here I was with a lovely morning and tons of miniature flowers of all different kinds (even little tiny "mock Strawberries)! As I was cutting them, I was thinking about what I could use as vases and initially thought that thimbles would work; but I only had two and they were actually too

Making Magic with just one Photograph!

Have you heard it said, "Give an artist a camera and a computer and see what happens"!    Well, four years ago: I retired; moved to North Carolina; and, started spending time photographing and learning about all the birds that I previously never knew existed. I mean, I knew about Robins, and Blue Birds, and Crows, and Sparrows and all the "typical" birds that most of us learn about as children; but; it blew my mind when I started seeing all kinds of birds in our new backyard that I had never, ever, seen in my entire life.  In fact, I have observed and photographed over 50 different species of birds that have visited our little, residential backyard over the past three and a half years. Learning about the birds and about photography went hand-in-hand.  I believe that I have milked my old camera for all it's worth.  I can honestly say that I have taken well over 200,000 photographs in 2020 alone.  I have no intention of "upgrading" cameras in order to co

What is it like to go "Viral" on Social Media?

"What is it like?" they ask. So many people have asked me, "What is it like to go Viral on Social Media. So, below are the Good, Bad and Best things I have ex perienced: #1 Worst Things about going Viral You realize how bad you look and sound on video (“Really? Is that me?) Clearly, this has been a reality check and I think I would have preferred living in my delusion.  And you realize just how cracked and in need of repair your driveway is.  My goodness. #1 Good Thing about going Viral More people get to enjoy the gift God has given me, which has opened up great opportunities to meet new people and talk about truly, meaningful things and establish new relationships with people around the world who I would have never had the opportunity to have met had this not happened. #1 Best Thing about going Viral A woman who was grieving the loss of her mother; deeply depressed, and, who had lost all joy, wrote to me wanting to tell me what a difference that my art ha

Just having a little, good, clean fun!

This year, for my Birthday, my husband bought me something I have wanted for years--a Power Washer.  From the very first time I used one to help a girlfriend get her mom's house ready to sell, I have wanted one for my very own.  There is something so therapeutic about seeing dirty siding, fences, bricks and cement go from yuck to clean. Over the past month, I have power washed everything I could find: the patio, the fence, the siding on the shop, several dirty shutters; and, even the garbage cans.  I was putting off tackling the biggest project (the driveway) until I had a full day to work on it. Well, this opened up a whole new world for me.  When I realized how long it would take (we have a very long and very dirty driveway) I decided to turn it into an art project.  I realized that I could do word art in one tenth the time that it would take to power wash the entire driveway and it would allow me to leave most of the dirty part dirty.  As pleased as I was with the upper driv

Small Space Living Ideas

Looking back to 2014... As promised, the following are some "after" pictures.  We have moved everything in and organized most of our things.  We still have several all day projects, like replacing the diverter valve and the washers in the shower.  Currently no functioning shower; but, I can always take a bath until we can get this done.  Yuck! No time to write.  Just enough time to post a few pictures: Bedroom - Notice the TV that plays VHS - Really Modern stuff in a 1964 House - (smiling) Michael at his desk preparing for Sunday's Sermon Looking out from the Kitchen into the Living Room Temporary Patio - Hope to build a small, screened in Platform Patio in a few months Looking into the hallway Bathroom My Favorite Room The Breakfast Bar The entry way - Looking in through the Sliding glass front door! and clearly - Monkey is back to normal!