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Just having a little, good, clean fun!

This year, for my Birthday, my husband bought me something I have wanted for years--a Power Washer.  From the very first time I used one to help a girlfriend get her mom's house ready to sell, I have wanted one for my very own.  There is something so therapeutic about seeing dirty siding, fences, bricks and cement go from yuck to clean.

Over the past month, I have power washed everything I could find: the patio, the fence, the siding on the shop, several dirty shutters; and, even the garbage cans.  I was putting off tackling the biggest project (the driveway) until I had a full day to work on it.

Well, this opened up a whole new world for me.  When I realized how long it would take (we have a very long and very dirty driveway) I decided to turn it into an art project.  I realized that I could do word art in one tenth the time that it would take to power wash the entire driveway and it would allow me to leave most of the dirty part dirty.  As pleased as I was with the upper driveway "word art" I was inspired to see what else I could do with this wonderful new toy.   Although I am still learning techniques and am not completely satisfied with the results, I guess one could say, "This is just what might happen when a husband gets an artist a power washer for her Birthday!"

  Thank you, husband.

Since the post on Facebook went viral, I have had a lot of people asking me how I did this.  Here is a brief explanation:  I use a power washer to “clean in” the images.  I use the power washer wand (free hand – no stencils) like a giant spray paint can.  I raise and lower the tip of the wand to achieve different gradations.  It uses water pressure to clean away the deep-down dirt on the cement leaving an image where the cement is clean.  These designs will fade over time—but; it is super easy for me to go back over them and “freshen up” the “clean”.

I also had a lot of people asking "What is it Like to Go Viral?"

Now you have a great reason to tell neighbors and people visiting why you are letting your driveway get so dirty.  Just tell them that you need it to get really dirty in order to create cool art.

So - go out and have some good clean fun for yourself!

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Check out this amazing Drone Footage  to get a bird's eye view.  Credit: David Weatherly with Fox 8 News created:


Unknown said…
Think I’ll get out my power washer. Like you I love using it
So much fun to clean with and play in the water. Just not an artist
Nay hire you. It’s so beautiful
Unknown said…
Your work is so Beautiful. Thank you for sharing what you do on Kelley Clarksons show. Very impressive!
Muhammad Ejaz said…
Cleaning the house and making it worth living is not an easy job to do. But your blog has make it worth to be easier. Everyone love the cleanliness and wants to read about the Cleaning Serviceshow can be improved more. Your perspective is refreshing, so I'm happy to find many good points in your post. Thank you and keep blogging.
Anonymous said…
What an incredible way to decorate your driveway! This is something I can apply for mine. Thank you for the good share.
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