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The Other Secret Garden

This weekend we spent sometime in the "other" Secret Garden. Which isn't so secret, at all. In fact, millions have discovered it over the years. It is where we were betrothed a year ago. If you have never been--Go! It is (in my opinion) the most beautiful place on earth--Point Lobos State Park just south of Carmel, California.

I took Michael there on his first visit to California in July 2009.

It was not only our one-year "betrothal" anniversary; but, my 50th birthday also happened to fall on Labor Day this year; so, we decided to make it a double celebration. I decided to attempt to recapture my youth by performing a few cartwheels and handstands on the beach. Michael snapped a few pictures.

It worked while I was in the midst of it; but two days later I felt as though I had been hit by a train and dragged a mile along the tracks.

I have concluded that "Because the soul is ageless; the mind has difficulty reconciling that the body is not!"

It was a wonderf…