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No Time to Write...UURRGGH

It is frustrating to have no time to write.  However, (as they say) a picture paints a thousand words.  So, I will rely on the pictures to do most of the talking.  Last year we planted a wild flower garden.  We watered it everyday and yet it really didn't produce much of a garden.  Once the flowers would die we would pull them out and toss them into the wilderness area nearer the creek.  Well, this year, we got wildflowers, with no tending whatsoever on our part!  Now that's what I;m talkin' bout"   So many illustrations that could be written about this wonderful discovery of my husbands.  We discussed in length the applications; but, alas, no time to write:

And, we are still finding amazing creatures in the Wood's Secret Garden--even after 2 years.  This guy decided to come to our front door one morning and take a rest.

Celebrating Two Years in the "Secret Garden"

It was two years ago today, that Michael and I were married.  Neither one of us exchange store bought gifts for any special occasions.  We actually view each day as a special occasion.  However, when I arrived home last night, he presented me with a priceless, precious anniversary gift--a poem that he had written to celebrate the day.


(May 18, 2012)

Two years now and growing strong,
And yet to know Him more we long
Whose gift to us in marriage bliss
Is that effect of His Sweet Kiss.

And none of this is what we earn
But all of grace is how we learn,
While led by Him the Paraclete
To humbly sit at Jesus feet
And worship Him, the Lord of all
Who for His purpose did us call
To honor Him whose praise is due
Who made us one who once were two.

So by His gift we celebrate
Not us but Him our Potentate
Whose love and loyalty has won
Our hearts to Him who made us one.