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The Campaign is on...

I have finished the transformation of 100 "Bratz" dolls and most have been listed in my etsy shop. The goal is to sell all 100 dolls before Christmas so that we can present a check to the organization who helps rescue girls out of the sex trafficking industry. These dolls are only $24.99, which means you can buy 8 of them for the price of one "Tree Change" doll.  I am not making a profit on these dolls.  This is purely a labor of love and I pray you will join me in this campaign.  For those who are not familiar with this project:

I purchase original Bratz dolls from second hand stores and online.  I begin by giving them a good bath and washing their hair. I then comb, cut and restyle it.

Now for the fun part! I completely remove their factory faces (wipe the slate clean, so to speak)

Once the ugly is all gone, I give them each a fresh, sweet, new, hand-painted face which is sealed with polyurethane. Once their hair and face is complete, I create unique little ou…

Another Creature found in the Wood's Secret Garden

No, that is not the creature.  That is what started our exploration.  We recently built a small back patio so that we could sit out back and watch the zucchini grow.  Seriously, have you ever noticed how fast zucchini grows?  Okay, back to that thing up there.  Over the last few weeks we started seeing what looked like mouse droppings, only they had a little white ball on the end of them.  So, being who we are, we wanted to solve the mystery.  So, I googled, "droppings with white tips" and guess what?  We discovered that what we were seeing were lizard droppings.  Yep, you heard me right--lizard droppings.  Here is what I have learned:  "Lizard droppings have white tips due to the process of reptile elimination: both feces and urine exit their body through the same opening: the cloaca. Lizards are very water-efficient and their urine is quite concentrated. The white tip on the droppings is uric acid crystals."  In case you were all wondering.  Ha

I am always amaze…