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Another Visitor

As we were watering the wild flower garden and filling up the humming bird feeders, I glanced down and found that a little, tiny, baby "Praying Mantis" had stopped by to pay a visit.   He was joined by a bright black and red beetle.  The beetle scurried along too quickly for me to take his picture; but, the Praying Mantis, was a real ham.  He hung around for a lengthy photo session.

Everywhere you look (if you pause long enough) are little creatures to delight in.

Wild Flower Garden in Full Bloom!

More Wildflowers from our Garden

A Magical Morning in the Garden #2

A Magical Morning in the Garden #1

Every night, starting in April and running through the hot summer months, you can hear what must be a "one thousand frog symphony" began to play as soon as the sun starts to set in the Secret Garden.  Ever since we moved here, I have wanted to actually see one of those little critters.  I have gone quietly down to the creek bank just before sunset; and crouched down.  I could hear them; but, I have never spotted one.

This morning, right around 5:30 am, I went down stairs to water the wild flower garden before the heat of the day was upon us. (It's going to be in the triple digits all week.) As I started pouring out the water from the first watering can, I saw something jump--a something that was no larger than a cock roach.  Yikes!   Guess what?  It was a teeny, tiny frog!