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The Story of the Butterfly

The Story of the Butterfly
Many of you know that I spend many hours photographing the wild life that visit the Woods Secret Garden.There are always plenty of birds, squirrels, and even a couple of chipmunks.Rarely do I see a butterfly. I would, on occasion, see a couple of butterflies; however, we do not have many flowers for them to enjoy and with so many birds, they don’t hang around long enough for me to capture them with the camera.
Fast forward to yesterday.Lindsay and I have been meeting regularly for approximately a year for coffee and fellowship around the Word of God.I have never brought my camera to our meetings, accept once when Lindsay agreed to model one of my handmade, cross shoulder bags.
Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready to meet with Lindsay, I decided to bring my camera and I wasn’t even sure why.Even my husband found it odd and said, “You are bringing your camera?”I answered, “Yes, I just might have a photo opportunity today”.
When I arrived, Lindsay was not…

I'm Back at it! Transforming Used and Discarded Bratz and Moxie Dolls

Many of you might remember when I transformed over 250 "Bratz" dolls a few years ago during the Tree Change Doll frenzy.  Since retiring and moving to North Carolina a year ago, I had given that up in order to get settled in.   Recently, I opened a box in my art room to find several dolls that really needed rescuing, so I decided to see what I could do.

I have made the decision to only remake these dolls as specialty dolls, all which will have hand braided (some also hand beaded) single braids.  These take over 12 hours to braid.  I thought I would share the first three.  I have no idea how many I might make.  It will all depend on whether there is an interest in these first three dolls.  I have already listed them for sale in my etsy shop.  I hope you enjoy viewing the photos.  Please contact me if you have any questions. 

You can find them here:  CLICK HERE