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An Interview

Looking back at the "Creative Expressions - Home Grown Project".  So many have asked me how I got started hand illustrating BEARPAW boots.  This interview should help answer many questions.

What inspired you to become a part of the Creative Expressions campaign?
I started my line of wearable art a little over a year ago and really knew nothing about BEARPAW boots until I walked into their retail store in December of 2012.   I was looking for a pair of boots to illustrate as a Christmas present for our little granddaughter and struck up a conversation with the manager.  After showing her my business card and telling her what I intended to do with the boots, she promptly suggested that I contact the VP of Global marketing about the possibility of doing some boots for BEARPAW.  Once Randy told me about the campaign, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it and it was clearly a perfect fit.  I especially love what they are doing in the schools and hope to get more involved with th…