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I love when things like this happen!

Each year for our wedding anniversary (which is in May) we purchase a living plant to plant in our garden.  Last year we purchased a "Bleeding Heart" and planted it in our new yard at the Mobile Home Park.  Here is how it looked last year:

  It was really beautiful while it was in full bloom; but, once it lost all its leaves it was a twisted mangle of dry wood that I almost thought we should chop down.

While watching everything else grow, bloom and flourish in our little garden spots, the "Bleeding Heart" was showing no signs of life.  Just last night, we were discussing whether or not we had room to plant an anniversary plant this May and I mentioned that if the "Bleeding Heart" is dead, we might dig it out and replace it with something else for our Anniversary this year.  Just last night, I truly believed that it had no life in it.

Early this morning I went out back to check the basil and the tomatoes to see how they were coming along and as I walked by…