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The Campaign Continues...

We were able to reach our original goal of making and selling 100 Transformed Bratz dolls to benefit an organization that helps rescue children trapped in the sex trafficking industry.  For that we are very thankful and have decided to continue the campaign throughout the year.  That means that almost all of the profit from the sell of my "Just K.I.D.S" dolls during calendar year 2016 will again go to such an organization.  Here is one of my newest kids on the block:

While sitting out back enjoying the crisp morning air, the husband noticed that there was moss growing on top of the short little side yard fence. And coming up out of the moss, were sparkly green sprouts of some sort. My little hippie kid really wanted to get a closer look and so did I. So, even though she got a little dirty and I had to clean her up afterwards, it was well worth the adventure. We took a bunch of cool pictures! Enjoy!

She even has hand painted Birkenstock sandals:

You can find all my "Ju…

Amazing Bratz Transformation

I finally had to realize that there is only so much one can do with an original "Bratz Boyz" doll in terms of transforming them into the likeness of real person. So, after working a few more hours on his face, I have decided that he is done! I will be auctioning him off on ebay to the highest bidder and will announce on this page when the auction starts. Please keep in mind, he is a one-of-a-kind art doll. Not a doll to be played with by children. Please click through all the pictures (I posted several) to get a good look at all the detailed features.

An Artistic Challenge

Today was a "Do anything you want" day. These haven't come around very often and I was really excited to have no obligations and no housework, etc, I got this idea to use a bunch of the odds and ends (left over from the doll campaign) and to really challenge myself, artistically. I decided to attempt a Captain Jack Sparrow" doll.  He's a work in progress. Much more work needed on the face - But, I am thrilled with the progress. I will post the final in a few days, once I have made some corrections to his features on the face and added the detailing to the custom.

Here is a full view of the outfit - I am still working on the face.  

He will not be meant as a doll to play with.  But more of an art doll. 

Please visit my shop to view more of my work.  I have decided to continue to campaign to raise money to help rescue kids trapped in the sex trafficking industry.
Here is the Latest UPDATE!  Almost there…