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What a Wonderful Evening!

We have been keeping our eye on the wild blackberry bushes which grow profusely along the banks of the creek.  They should be ready to harvest in early to mid July. However, when I got home from work tonight, my husband Michael informed me that he had decided to take the long route home from his trip to the dumpster at lunch today.  He took the path along the creek that runs through the Secret Garden with the intent to check on the wild plums which ripen much earlier than the berries.  Intertwined in one of the plum trees were the largest berries he had ever seen; and, they were ripe!   Most of them were growing out of reach on the other side of the creek; however, there were a few vines that had climbed over a tree branch and he was able to pluck a few off and bring them home.

He first told me about them and then he showed them to me.  WOW!  He was right they were really big berries!

We decided that although it was probably 100 degrees outside, we really needed to try to get more of …