February 24, 2013

More BEARPAWS Found in the Secret Garden

Update on the previous sighting.  BEARPAWS writes the following:

FEBRUARY 22, 2013
BEARPAW Launches Project Home Grown

When you’re an up-and-coming artist, you’re always looking for collaborations and opportunities to increase your visibility in the community. BEARPAW has always seen itself as a lifestyle brand that not only supports local efforts, but also dares to go where most brands won’t.

Randy McKinley, VP of Global Marketing for BEARPAW explains, “our brand has taken on its own life and now we’re just steering it in the right direction…it’s more about being stewards of the environment and allowing our creative side to shine through these artists.” He added, “we seldom see collaborations between emerging artists and global brands such as ours…we wanted to give these amazing artists a chance to stand out.”

I love this idea. Living art that you can wear. It starts a conversation. It’s one of a kind. And it gives a real voice and outlet to brave artists who are striving in a very competitive market.

To kick off the Home Grown initiative, BEARPAW partnered with Sacramento artist, Dianna Wood. She is known for her wearable art pieces and calls this collection “Wear the Word,” fusing together three of her passions living art, botanical illustrations and fashion design.

Wood explains, “Creating art that can adorn a wall or brighten up a living space is wonderful. However, to create art that can hit the streets and go with a person as they walk through their day, takes art to another level.” The artist believes that working with the brand will help inspire more flourishing artists to pursue their passions and says, “with BEARPAW Boots, I have found the perfect canvas to do what I love to do and I am thrilled to be part of BEARPAW’s campaign to encourage, inspire and highlight the work of local artists nationwide.”

The styles created by Wood will range from vintage botanical expressions to inspirational quotes from notable jazz legends to colorful cartoons from Wood’s imagination. Dianna Wood for Project Home Grown by BEARPAW will be showcased online at www.bearpaw.com, right here on BEARPAW Style, and is available for purchase at www.thewoodssecretgarden.etsy.com.

BEARPAW will continue to work with flourishing artists this year in an effort to showcase local talent and support the arts. Stay tuned to BEARPAW Style for more!