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A place I will not venture too close to any longer....

Okay - Not really.  But, I am so grossed out by these guys.  Michael came in with the camera and said, "Look what I found".  Well, I certainly won't be going over to the side of the yard where our neighbors tomato plants are hanging over our fence.  Yuck!  These guys gross me out!   Look at that.  They have fake little eyes all along the sides of their body.

It doesn't take much...

I am so thrilled that my husband Michael and I both get equally excited about the smallest of things.

When I get home from work, it has become somewhat of a routine to check the wildflower garden to see if any new flowers have bloomed.  This afternoon was no different.  However, this afternoon we had a new little visitor.  He was sitting on a broad leaf at the base of one of the wild flowers and hopped out of sight before we could return with the camera.

A few hours later, after soaking the garden really well, we decided to take another look and guess who we found?

This time he stayed put long enough for us to get a few pictures!

How Wonderful!

Before moving to our little mobile home in Rancho Cordova, we lived in an apartment that overlooked a creek and greenbelt.  During that time we must have seen seven different species of these little guys--more than I had seen during my entire lifetime.  I never dreamed that we might be visited by one here in the park.   But, to our delight, there he was.  I went out to the garden yesterday morning to water and as I moved a branch on the "bleeding heart" plant (that we had planted in May for our Anniversary) there he was!