November 15, 2015

WIN this 2 foot tall, hand-painted, transformed doll!

WIN THIS DOLL! I am holding a drawing starting today which will run through December 1st.   We really need to sell the last of the 100 "Just K.I.D.S." dolls before December 15th in order to reach our goal for this campaign and present a check to the Grace Network. Everyone who purchases a "Just K.I.D.S" doll between now and December 1st will be entered into the drawing to WIN this doll absolutely free (including shipping). We must however, sell all remaining 30 dolls by that date. So be sure to tell your friends and get everyone you know to participate. Thanks for helping out.

I found a 2 foot tall used Bratz doll, but when she arrived she had sustained damage and was headed for the trash bin. Under her chin a small piece had cracked away and her head wobbled around without support. I was so sad. She spent 5 hours last night undergoing cervical spine surgery and woke up in recovery with just a small scar at the base of her neck. Her head no longer wobbles and she is as good as new.  

Please read the reviews that are coming in from those who have already purchased a doll:  CUSTOMER REVIEWS

People tell me, "Oh I love these, but I don't have any little girls to give to".  You can always purchase one of these little dolls and give it as a surprise gift to some little girl on your block or at your church.  Just a thought.  They will remember that act of kindness for a very long time plus you will be helping the organization impact the lives of little girls you don't even know.   

Hope you will help.

November 11, 2015

I had a day off and decided to take the boys fishing....

As soon as the three new boys moved into the neighborhood they heard about a great fishing hole in the Wood's Secret Garden. With poles in hand and a large enough bucket to hold their morning catch they decided to take the short hike through the uncharted territory. 

Even though they had heat rumors about the Wood's Secret Garden" being a magical place, they could hardly believe that such a beautiful place could exist inside a senior mobile home part 

They had a most wonderful adventure this morning and will return soon to this amazing place!

I am transforming Bratz dolls into just K.I.D.S to raise money for an organization that helps rescue kids out of the sex trafficking industry.  If you are interested in helping with this campaign, please contact me or visit my facebook and etsy shop and help spread the word by sharing and liking.

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November 7, 2015

It's the little things...

The most amazing thing happened at the Craft Fair and it had nothing to do with my dolls!
A year ago, at the same craft fair, I met a young woman named Valerie (who was also vending at the show near me). Last year, she saw the hand crafted pendants I was selling and she wanted to have me make a couple memory pendants (one for her sister and one for her grandma). She had lost her Aunt Riley to cancer and the pendants were photo pendants of Riley.
When I arrived this morning there was Valerie! She greeted me with a hug and said, "I am so glad you are here. I wanted to tell you that my grandma wears the pendant you made last year every single day. She absolutely loves it!"
I actually teared up! What a wonderful thing. To think that I had a small little part of bringing such joy into the life of Valerie's grandmother was a bit overwhelming for me. And if that wasn't enough....
A few hours later, Valerie came over to my table and said, "There is someone that I want to introduce you to". There was Valerie with her grandma. And guess what? She was wearing the pendant!
It's moments like these.....