June 11, 2009

The dwarfed faculties of the human mind...

Remembering, then, the infinite vastness of truth, and the dwarfed faculties of the human mind, the dullness of the understanding to perceive, and the slowness of the heart to believe the great things of His Word, HE teaches with a skill, a patience, and a gentleness which has no parallel, and which renders His truth so glorious, His discipline so welcome, Himself so precious to those who become His humble and willing disciples.

"Lord, in Your school let me be taught- at Your feet would I sit- the lessons of Your love and the truths of Your word let me humbly, believingly, and fully receive, for who teaches like You?"

It is our dear Lord's purpose that His Church should have scriptural, spiritual, and enlarged views of what He is, what His possessions are, and what is the extent of His power. And I do not hesitate to say that scriptural, stable views of the dignity of Christ's person, of the glory of our Emmanuel, of what His wealth is, of what His power is, form the very foundation of our faith in Him. I receive the salvation of Christ, I rest in the atonement of Christ, I accept the promises of Christ, I believe in the coming of Christ, just in proportion as my faith believes that He is actually all that His revealed word describes Him to be.

If my views of the glory of Christ are defective, if my faith in the illimitable power of Christ is contracted, there will be a consequent and corresponding feebleness in the realization I have of Christ. But let my faith firmly grasp the truth that He is what He declares Himself to be- that all this honor, all this glory, all this dignity, all this power belong to Him- then, without hesitation and doubt, I can draw from His fullness, receive His assurances, and look forward with confidence to the blessed day when Christ who is my life shall appear, and I shall appear also with Him in glory.

Excerpts from "THE FULLNESS OF CHRIST" by Octavius Winslow

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