July 2, 2009

The theology and practice of Puritanism is not a perfect. There is no theological system which sinful men have gained a perfect insight into the Bible. While men live upon earth coupled with the remnants of remaining sin, they will never have a mind free of error, and thus, never have a theological system free from error.

However, this does not mean that the theologians and preachers of Christ’s church should surrender being as theologically precise as possible. Rather, in assessing the theological systems which exist they should choose the one which hits closest to the mark of the Gospel on the Biblical target of doctrine. In my estimation, the theology of Puritanism is as close as fallible human beings may come to understanding the Scriptures systematically.

I am quite aware that the Scriptures continue to illuminate our minds by varied angles and insights seen in some of the same passages which we read over and over. But a consensus on the overall understanding of Biblical and systematic theology for clarity, preciseness of doctrine, and application in preaching must be awarded to the Puritans.

They have come closest to teaching men the mind of Christ contained in the Bible. This Puritanism, even for the 21st century church, is not dead – though many would like it to be dead. However, it is in a restless slumber awaiting the next generation of men who shall be raised up by God to preach the truth of His Word in righteousness and conviction. We earnestly await to see those whom God shall raise up as neo-Puritans for a “brave new world.”

Author Unknown

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