August 12, 2009

Echo of My Heart (Part Three)

May God help us to see that we are ourselves were dead and others were dead also. What that will do for us is make us extremely humble as far as the work of ministry is concerned, because each time we go to minister, God says to us, “Can these bones live?” In our hearts, we will say, “Lord, you know?” For with us it is impossible, and the only reason why I speak is because you have called me to prophesy. It is like a fire burning in my bones. I must speak out of the glories of my God and King and the triumphs of His grace.

It will also keep us humble. When God does a work of grace, we will not be going around strutting like peacocks. Even when men and women have showered us with praises, in our heart of hearts those praises are going through us to the One who rightly deserves them, God Himself.Because we were all dead. Every one of us.

Is that the faith you presently have? Are your eyes seeing the sophisticated, educated, computer-wise, wealthy American as dead? Are we still believing our Bibles? If we are, then why are our prayer meetings so empty in our churches? Why? Is it because we honestly believe that it is in the pastor’s eloquence, the buildings, the music or the education that we will have success? Do we really believe that we are in the graveyard of this world the only way the dead will rise is when we call upon His name to do so? Is it possible that the reason why our prayer meetings are empty is because our people see the self-confidence in us as preachers? It is the self-confidence they see in the local engineer in the shop to fix whatever needs to be fixed. The must see us as the end of ourselves, clearly at the mercy of God, pleading for them prayerfully like Paul prayed for the Ephesians.

God is calling me to raise the dead. Who will come alongside us? God help us see praying churches. Amen.

The last three posts have been excerpts from a sermon delivered by Pastor Conrad Mbewe.
I am filled with joy and with great anticipation, as the Lord as seen fit to bring this man of God (Conrad Mbewe) to North Carolina during the week that I will be visiting my beloved Michael. What great things the Lord is doing in His church and among His people.

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