October 24, 2009

The Mask of Christianity

I awoke this morning and immediately pondered the words of our Lord, "For MY sake have I done these things" and then a rather negative poem started formulating in my head. I realize that it is not very "humble" sounding. It is more of a prophet's cry to the people then a self-abasing realization of my own sinfulness. But, it was in my head and here it is. Nothing eloquent - just a heart cry:

The Mask of Christianity

Empty smile painted faces
Extended hands and social graces
Little boys who know their verses
Women with designer purses

Suits and ties – a bible clutched
Whose hearts the Savior has not touched
Sit in pews as worship starts
With vacant eyes and empty hearts

Actors trained and singers taught
They sit and rise without a thought
Of who He is, and yet they come
Their gaze is blank—their hearts are numb

They walk around from day-to-day
With empty words you hear them say
“Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord”
Their sheath is bare—they have no sword.

A mask of Christianity
Has become their sad reality
No saving grace - no love is known
The fruit is fake – no seeds are sown

O’ Lord remove their fake veneer
Let them see the Savior’s tear
Pierce their souls-with fiery darts
Give them life – change their hearts

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