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Accountability Solved

Tim Challies ran a series trying to help men better understand how pornography effects them; their relationships; and their walk with God. He ended the series with some suggested resources for men to read. Much of what he said was true and helpful, but I still feel that it (as well as so many other attempts to "cure" this problem outlined in the hundreds of books written about it) are "man-centered" philosophies and do not get to the root of the real problem.

The truth is that no human accountability partner or group or book is able to keep a man accountable or to change his natural desire for self-indulgence. Perhaps, if a man's accountability partner was handcuffed to him, he would alter his behavior, simply because he would not be comfortable indulging his desire for degrading, perverted, dehumanizing sexual gratification with another man sitting right next to him. He would also grow to hate that man and be almost willing to chop his arm off to get free from him.

God Himself is our accountability partner. He is always right their with us. Do these men not know that? I contend that they DO NOT and therein lies the problem.

John Flavel outlines these principals well. You don't have to read a bunch of books or attend some accountability group if you understand, believe and apply these two simple to understand principals. If you are doing these two things, you will not be able to view pornography and as you spend more time with Him in His word and in prayer you will eventually hate and abhor pornography in the same way God does because you will see it as He sees it. That is what He does in a human heart and soul that has been regenerated. He makes us hate what we used to love. read these two principals and honestly ask yourself if a man who was living these would continue to indulge in his perversions.

1. Over-awe your hearts every day, and in every place, with the eye of God. This walking as before God will keep you upright, Gen. If you so speak and live as those that know God sees you, such will be your uprightness, that you will not care if all the world see you too.

2. Do no action, undertake no design, that you dare not preface with prayer; this is the rule, Phil. iv. 6. Touch not that you dare not pray for a blessing upon; if you dare not pray, dare not to engage; if you cannot spend your prayers before, be confident: shame and guilt will follow after.


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