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This IS NOT Christianity

Paul instructs Timothy to be certain to pray for all types of people (1 Tim 2.1). He is specific to include even the leaders whom we may not agree with such as kings (1 Tim. 2.2). We should note that the types of leaders who governed the early churches were far less sympathetic towards the ministry of the gospel.

Furthermore, Paul instructs Timothy and the churches that they are to “lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way” (1 Tim. 2.2). This is part of the motive to pray for the leaders. We want to be about reflecting Christ.

And still more, there is the fact that there is really only one King. There is one Savior. There is only one Mediator (1 Tim. 2.5). And it is God’s desire that men come and fall down before him and worship him. This desire is for all types of people that they would all bow before the one King, Jesus Christ.

Now, let me just reset this. Paul instructs a pastor to lead prayer meetings and model personal prayer for all types of people (regardless of your political agreement with them), so that you can lead a life that is dignified and quiet, to pave a way for the ministry of the gospel, and hopefully lead to all types of people getting converted. This is a fairly concise, high level summary.
How We Color Outside the LinesSadly many today do not pray for their leaders, are not quiet and dignified, they are not burdened for the advancement of the gospel, and they instead promote morality.

This is the exact opposite of what we are supposed to be doing.

Don’t you see the trap here? We become prideful, unruly load mouthed moralists who find our salvation in the conquest of our particular political agenda. If we are doing this under the guise of being ‘Christian’ then we are frankly, more offensive then many of these folks we are aiming to confront.

How can promoting morality and ‘Christian values’ be offensive?

Because the message of Christianity is not morality or Christian values.

The message of Christianity is the gospel. It is liberation for sinners. It is the truth of God coming in Christ to obey the Law that we could not obey and die to pay the just penalty for breaking that Law. It is powerful triumph of Jesus over sin, Satan, and death.

The gospel is not about how lawbreakers need to become moral law keepers like us, but rather about how law breakers are reconciled to God through the work of the true law keeper, Jesus Christ our righteous substitute.

Shame on all who use the name Jesus and the title Christianity to promote morality at the expense of the gospel. They are gospel pirates. Religious sharks of the most dangerous kind; they confuse Christians and non-Christians alike while building towers of morality that eclipse the blood stained tree of Calvary. That is offensive!

Excerpt from an excellent article by "IrishCalvinist".


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