April 29, 2011

First Signs of Life!

It was an exciting afternoon in the Secret Garden.  We have been waiting and watching our little garden patch of dirt, since building the planter box at the base of our stairway and sowing the wild flower seeds.  Since we bought them at Grocery Outlet (a discount store), my fear was that the seeds may have been old and would therefore never sprout.  It was a week ago tomorrow that we sowed them.

Everyday this week, upon arriving home from work, I squat down near the edge of the walkway to get a ground level view where I can inspect the soil for any sign of life.  Yesterday, this was what we discovered:

It may seem silly to get so excited about a tiny little green sprout!  But it is in these little things that we delight as we see in them the beauty of the creator of the Universe and the sign of new life coming from what would have been seen as a dead, dry, lifeless seed.  It is a picture of the "new birth" that we who are in Christ have experienced.

"...just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life."

I do hope, that in a few weeks, I will be posting a picture of our wildflower patch in full bloom.  For now, we wait, water and hope!

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