May 24, 2015

Hearts Knit Together! God's Presence in our Life Transcends the Miles!

I have actually never met Elle from South Boston, face-to-face.

In 2012, she had me hand paint a pair of boots for her and through that we became friends and have kept in touch from time-to-time over the past three years. Some years, we may have only touched base a couple times.

The other night I was thinking about Elle (for no particular reason.  She just popped into my head). Since I was thinking about her, I sent her a quick email letting her know that I was thinking about her, and crawled into bed for the night.

Little did I know, that all the way in South Boston, Elle had been painting her fence, inspired by the pictures she had seen of our move to this little mobile home.  When she read my email, the next day, she was blown away at the timing.  She sent me a few pictures of what she had been doing the very day that I was thinking about her.  There was Elle, holding a picture she printed off the internet of my fence, as her inspiration.  

It's amazing how God knits hearts together! I love you Elle! Your fence looks fabulous!

This was Elle, back in 2012, wearing the boots that she had me hand paint.  

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