June 5, 2015

Everyone is giving it a try, including me!

When Sonia revealed her marvelous "Tree Change Dolls", as well as, her DIY videos teaching the world how to transform "Bratz" dolls into really cute, wholesome dolls (that actually look like real little girls instead of, well,  I can't find the right words), it seems like everyone with any creative bone in their body decided to give it a try for themselves.

Michael and I stopped by a Thrift Store after church one Sunday and low and behold, there were 6 Bratz dolls.  Needless to say, I went to work on them right away.   For those of you who don't know about this "Bratz" transformation frenzy, it is simply a new Up-cycling DIY craft project where you remove the Bratz faces and hand paint brand new fresh faces and dress them in more modest, realistic, clothes.  Here are a few side by sides of my effort followed by pictures of my first six dolls.

I cannot believe how much fun I am having playing with dolls at 54 years old.  If you would like any tips or have any questions, please comment me below.

And now, I am also painting feet and sandals onto the snap on bare plain feet.


Bonnie said...

I adore your work! It is so needed in our society today. There is so much focus on sexuality, I have seen it affect small girls myself. When I witnessed two little neighborhood girls (5yrs and 7yrs old) being told they were "sexy" when dressed up, it nearly broke my heart.

Dianna Wood said...

It is heart breaking for sure. I can not tell you how many mom's have said to me, "I don't like my daughters playing with those Bratz dolls". When asked if they have Bratz dolls, the mom's say yes. Happy to provide an alternative.

Valorie Fitzgerald said...

Diana, your work is beautiful! I too have started playing with dolls again in my early 50's... Question: how did you dye the hair? Any tips you can give would be great! Also, since I only use the bare feet in my redesign (and I also paint on shoes!), I have a few pairs of factory shoes that I would be more than happy to donate to you. Just let me know if you can use them!

Dianna Wood said...

Hi Valorie - Thanks so much for popping in! Since this post, I have completed my goal of 100 and probably won't be making any more; but, thanks for the offer of shoes. I use India Ink on some of the dolls hair - simply as a way to hide the purple streaks etc., Wouldn't recommend it however. It seems to never completely dry on some of the synthetic hair. I now take needle nose pliers and actually pul out the streaks. They usually come out in one small chunk - like pulling weeds in the garden, ha!

I would love to see your creations. ARe you selling anywhere? Or have you posted any on a blog. Let me know.

Dianna Wood said...

Valorie - If you would like to see the update - Here is my latest post over on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=900935149954600&id=412263378821782

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing to do! If only we could recapture our youth's lost innocence.