August 25, 2015

The Campaign is on...

I have finished the transformation of 100 "Bratz" dolls and most have been listed in my etsy shop. The goal is to sell all 100 dolls before Christmas so that we can present a check to the organization who helps rescue girls out of the sex trafficking industry. These dolls are only $24.99, which means you can buy 8 of them for the price of one "Tree Change" doll.  I am not making a profit on these dolls.  This is purely a labor of love and I pray you will join me in this campaign.  For those who are not familiar with this project:

I purchase original Bratz dolls from second hand stores and online.  I begin by giving them a good bath and washing their hair. I then comb, cut and restyle it.

Now for the fun part! I completely remove their factory faces (wipe the slate clean, so to speak)

Once the ugly is all gone, I give them each a fresh, sweet, new, hand-painted face which is sealed with polyurethane. Once their hair and face is complete, I create unique little outfits for each one by altering, and mixing and matching, vintage and contemporary doll clothes.

The best part of this project and your purchase is that 50% of all proceeds are donated to a organization working to rescue girls out of the sex trafficking industry. If you would like more details about that, please contact me.

Keep in mind these are secondhand dolls with “hand-me-down” clothes and shoes. So they have flaws here and there. Don’t we all? And remember, these dolls are not meant to sit on a shelf. These dolls are meant to be played with. If you want additional outfits, look for them online through ebay or similar website. But even better than buying clothes, plan a day with your daughter or granddaughter and make some cute, one-of-a-kind, K.I.D.S outfits.

Last but not least, play hard and giggle a lot!  Find the one you want here!

Your doll will be shipped in a “gift ready” plastic pillow box (see example below) and be shipped USPS priority mail.

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