September 20, 2015

Fall is in the air!

This morning I had an idea. So, while still in my pajamas, I go out to the little area on the corner of our street and the main street, where I know there are tons of fallen leaves from the Japanese Maple tree that grows near the pond. I set up the scene and begin the "Fall" photo session. Little did I know what joy this would bring to passerby's out walking their dogs. I even heard a grumpy old man, who as never said a word, say under his breath as he walked by , "Well that is the cutest things I have seen in a long time". Of course, he may have been referring to my pajamas, lol. How delightful!

I am so excited about the response to my "Just K.I.D.S" bratz transformed dolls. Many of you know that I transformed 100 "bratz" dolls in order to raise money for an organization that helps rescue kids from the sex trafficking industry! The campaign is well underway with 31 dolls sold to date. The goal is to have them all sold before Christmas in order to present a check to the organization before the holiday season. The extra wonderful thing about this campaign is that many of the ladies that have purchased the dolls for the little girls in their lives have sent pictures of the little girls holding their dolls and their little faces say it all! Kids absolutely love K.I.D.S!

If you want to make the little girls in your life really happy and at the same time help other kids, I encourage you to visit my shop and make your purchase.

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