April 14, 2009

Careless Words...

“Those who don’t know what the Bible teaches about salvation cannot be saved.”

That statement was made by a very well-known, highly respected, hugely followed, pastor/teacher. Laypersons and unlearned baby Christians, who respect this man, will misunderstand and mimic that statement. The implication of such a statement and the propensity for misunderstanding, is huge; and, in my opinion, dangerous.

Imagine this played out in real life:

Someone comes to you and tells you, "The most wonderful thing has happened. A man shared the gospel with me at Starbucks and for the first time in my life, I believe! I finally understand that I am a sinner and that Christ died for my sins and was raised so that all who believe on Him will have their sins forgiven and they will be reconciled to God through Christ. I was broken by that message and have bowed down to Christ as my Lord and Savior and my only desire, from this point forward, is to love Him and follow Him for the rest of my life!"

So you say to them, “Oh really? Do you know what the bible teaches about salvation?”

There answer could very well be, “NO. I have never stepped into a church and I have never read the Bible.”

And you then say to them, “Well then you cannot be saved”.

It is not the Bible that saves; and, it is not knowledge that saves—it is God who saves and when He does, he opens up our eyes and hearts and gives us understanding, regardless of whether we have heard a simple true Gospel message or have sat in a pew under a great teacher for 55 years.

Careless words by a man who should recognize them as such.

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