April 12, 2009

On such a Glorious day...

My hopes were high, as I awoke
On such a Glorious day--
Your Victory to celebrate
The Truth, The Life, The Way!

I looked around with hope to find
A light, a spark, a glimmer
But all I saw were lifeless forms
O’ could it get much dimmer?

Apathy has filled Your house;
But, I will worship You
Blank, bored faces and empty stares—
In almost every pew.

I often wonder, “Why do they come?”
“Why do they sit for an hour?
Is it because they like the form of God
But have never felt Your power?

Why do you come? Why not stay home?
Is this a wasted hour?
What should be sweet, to your soul
Just seems to leave you sour.

Protect me from the awful plague
Don’t let my heart succumb
The world, the flesh, the dull routine
Is that what makes them numb?

Forgive me Lord, if I am wrong
Dead bones is all I see.
O’ breath Your life into those bones
And set the captives free.

Apathy has filled Your house;
O’ shake it with Your might
So when we gather in Your Name
There is Joy, and Love and Light.

D.L. Kane (Easter Sunday 2009)

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