May 13, 2009

What Wonderous Affection

No longer intrigued by this dark passing world,
His banner of love, over me, He unfurled.
Protecting my soul by His sovereign divide
Through the blood of His cross, spilled forth from His side.

Crucified in my Jesus; all glory to Him
Who ransomed my soul from destruction and sin.
The world cannot have me—I belong to my King,
Therefore I will praise Him; therefore I will sing.

No glory I find in one thing I can do;
With wondrous affection, His mercies are new.
And look to the day that my faith will be sight—
My perfection is sure, to my Father's delight.

He sees me in Jesus, in glory so bright;
And hidden in Him, I’m concealed in His light.
Chosen to be with my lover and friend;
And give Him the glory—to this be my end.

Michael E. Wood

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