September 12, 2009

Sin - Seeing it for what it is...

Oh! put sin to death--for sin was the cause of Christ's death! If someone killed your father--would you hug him and embrace him as your friend, and let him eat at your table? Would you not rather hate and detest the very sight of him!

If a snake should sting your dearly beloved spouse to death--would you preserve it alive, warm it at the fire, and hug it in your bosom? Would you not rather stab it with a thousand wounds!

And were not our sins the cause and instrument of Christ's death? Were not they the whips that scourged Him; the nails, the cords, the spear, the thorns that wounded Him, and fetched the heart-blood from Him!

And can we love our sins--which killed our Savior? Can a wife truly love her husband--and still embrace an adulterer? We complain of the sins of Judas, and seem to hate them, and shudder at their mention! And can we love our Judas sins--which put Christ to death? And yet how many are there--who had rather have sinful-self satisfied, than to have sinful-self crucified.

William Dyer

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