August 28, 2010

How It All Started...

On May 18th, 2010 we were married and would spend the following week driving from North Carolina to California where we would begin our life as a married couple. I had procured a small one bedroom apartment and had spent the month prior to the wedding preparing our new dwelling. The apartment was an upstairs unit with a balcony that faced a County owned wilderness area. My desire was to make that balcony space into additional living space; but, that would entail a great deal of creativity.

The balcony was outside the sliding glass doors, and the idea was to create an enclosed, bug free room, which would allow us to keep the sliding door open.

I purchased bug netting, a large rectangular market umbrella, and a sea grass area rug. After an entire day devoted to this room, it came together.

Growing near the balcony, to the right, was a large oak tree; and to the left a beautiful tree that the squirrels loved to play in. The tree to the left had, what appeared to be, miniature black berries on all the branches. Before leaving for North Carolina, I would watch the squirrels balance themselves on branches while eating the juicy morsels. I had no idea what kind of tree it was; but I could hardly wait until Michael would be here with me to enjoy our little oasis on the balcony.

After our week-long journey across the United States, we arrived late afternoon on May 26th. The next day would begin our adventures and discoveries in what we now call “The Secret Garden”. It all started with the strange and lovely tree filled with (what could best be described as) miniature black berries.
And thus the adventure begins...

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