August 13, 2010

The Secret Garden and Dry, Dead Bones!

In Ezekiel 37:1-14, we are told of the vision given which speaks of the Israel of God as being like a valley of dry bones. The prophet is asked the question by the Almighty, "Son of man, can these bones live?" To which the prophet answered, "O Lord God You know."

God, in His infinite wisdom, has given two kinds of sight to most of us whom He has raised from the dead. The first is of a natural order of which most are partakers of to see the beauty of the glory of God in creation and the ugliness of this fallen world. I say most, because some are born physically blind or lose their natural eye-sight in this life for the glory of God. The second is of a spiritual nature, to see beyond the natural into the realm of God Himself, of which all of His children are partakers of; so that even in objects which speak to most nothing but death and decay, He brings His Word to mind by the power of His Spirit, because of the finished work of Christ at Calvary, for the express purpose of His glory, our enjoyment of Him, and to be the means through which others will be brought to know the glory of His grace, to know that He alone Is the Lord as one generation commends His works to another.

Recently, Dianna and I made a discovery in the "Secret Garden" of which some may think to be absurd, but it happened to be the skull of what we believe to be a horse or a mule.

Where it came from, how old it is, or how it got to be under a bush by our door we have no idea. It had become a little hotel for snails, as the hollows were full of them. Deni, our friend, upon Dianna's request, took the skull cleaned out the snails and then soaked it in Clorox for several days. The skull was so old, it broke in two as a result, but the teeth remained in tack. Dianna began to take pictures of the remains, blow them up, adding color with contrasting light shadows, and then low and behold these images appeared.

As I pondered this vision of dead men seen in these teeth, I thought of how Samson by the power of God had slain a thousand men with the jawbone of an ass, and then from the same bone there came forth a spring of water to quench his thirst. Oh How mighty and awesome our God is to slay all of our enemies through the death of Christ and to give us fountains of living waters through his resurrection.

The vision of Ezekiel also came to mind, and the following poem came as a result.

Can God breath then life
Into dead and dry bones,
And raise for His glory
In those He now Owns,
A great congregation
By His Son to His praise,
And show forth His power,
The Ancient of days?

Look closely and you will
Then see in this image,
The semblance of life
Through these, then the visage,
Of men who are dead
With no hope in this life,
For judgment is sure,
O' remember Lot's wife!

And yet if you breathe
Though dead while you live,
The power of Christ
Can give life to forgive,
And raise you to praise Him
By the power of His blood,
His child by God's mercy,
You'll be understood.

A new threshing instrument
Made then with teeth,
To show forth the power
Of His Spirit underneath,
His watch care and grace
Which comes from above,
Through Christ He gives life,
Who answers in love.

So if you have eyes now
To see in this art,
The faces of doom,
Then from judgment depart.
Through Christ for His glory
Who only bestows
New life from the dead
By His Spirit to know,

On the sure day of
God's great resurrection
Some will be raised
By the cross to perfection.
Others will also be
Raised then in gloom
And show forth the judgment
Of God in their doom.

That He for Your sins
By His blood He did pay
The judgment of God
Meant for us on that day,
And yet for His glory
He'll show in that hour,
There's no other Name
Like Jesus in power!

Michael E. Wood
August 11, 2010

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