May 15, 2011

Week Three in the Wild Flower Garden

It's been three weeks now since we sowed the seeds and we had started to see a great deal of growth and promise.  For the first time since we had sown the seeds, I really thought that we might get flowers.  They had survived turkeys scratching, squirrels digging, dogs trampling and maintenance men stomping and even high power blowing  (which Michael was able to stop before they blew all the top soil completely away) and then today it happened.  Something we could have not anticipated.

View from our second-story balcony
 A Hale Storm Came Through

As we enjoyed the excitement of the storm, I suddenly realized that our wild flower garden was being pelted.  I glanced through the bug screen to see the garden covered with a blanket of white.  Just yesterday, I had noticed that the tiny little wild flower plants had just started to really grow.  Some where nearly two inches high and looking very strong.  Once the storm had blown past, I went downstairs to survey the damage.

As I descended the stairs, I could hardly believe how much hale had fallen.  This is California!  Poor little wild flower plants.  Their little leaves were all bruised--some were even torn to shreds.

The storm had also pelted the oak trees and there were oak leaves all over the garden, as well.  Only time will tell if any of our wild flower plants will actually survive this latest onslaught.

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