May 8, 2011

Wild Turkeys on Parade!

As we were sitting out on the balcony this morning enjoying a cup of coffee, we heard rustling below.  Being very mindful of our wildflower seedlings, Michael looked over the railing to see the culprit--a wild turkey scratching for a morning grub.  As Michael raced to the door to chase him away, we discovered that there was more than just a turkey; in fact, there was at least 10 of them and they were more interested in the female turkeys who were scratching in the dirt just east of the creek bed.  I turned back to the apartment and grabbed my camera.

They were actually in parade formation and seemed to be marching in time to music that we could not hear.  It was fascinating to watch, as one would turn to the left; the others would follow-about face; forward march.  As I would call out, "Gobble, gobble" they would respond in perfect unity, "gobble, gobble" almost like bugles blowing.  Needless to say, we had to reheat our morning coffee once we got back upstairs.  Ah, spring is definitely in the air, in the Wood's Secret Garden!

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