June 28, 2011

The Attack!

As Michael was edging in for a closer shot, he had to quickly abandoned his mission.  In fact, he moved so quickly, that his sandals stayed put and he kept going--or so I was told upon arriving home for lunch today.  Now that would have been a picture.

Okay, enough suspense.   Michael was on the second story balcony when he spotted a large female turkey walking through the Secret Garden.  Following on her tail where a half dozen or more fur balls scurrying along.  He grabbed the camera and went downstairs to get a closer look and perhaps a picture or two.  That was when the mother turkey decided that he was too close.  Have you ever seen a turkey in attack mode?  They spread their wings, thrust them to the front and move with a stomping quick pace towards the enemy.  That's when Michael lost his shoes.

Needless to say, he was fine.  He didn't even step on any stickers or sharp rocks during his barefoot get away.  After lunch the momma turkey decided to bring her brood back through and Michael was able to get a few pictures, although from a safer distance.

One of the Chicks Hiding in the Tall Grass

If you look closely you can see three little chicks around mom's feet

Two Little Ones Huddling Together Awaiting Safe Passage

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