June 25, 2011

Talk about Organic Cooking!

When I arrived home on Thursday, I discovered a bowl full of little yellow, red and purple gumballs.  Well, that is actually what they looked like.  Perfect little round balls of shiny color.  Earlier in the day, Michael had taken off across the creek to gather wild plums and had washed them and left them for me to discover.

   Michael had taken the above pictures before I arrived home.  I must admit, I was somewhat disappointed.  Why disappointed?  Simply for having missed the adventure.  However, I was happy that he had gone exploring on his own and had brought home the plunder.

Wild plums are okay to eat right off the tree, however, we had some pork cutlets just waiting for a delicious plum sauce.  So, we decided to look up a recipe for wild plum sauce and guess what?  We found one on a vegetarian from South Carolina's website.  In fact, it was the first website that popped up after I "googled" Wild Plum Sauce".

This meant a trip to the store for me, as the recipe called from minced fresh ginger root, cayenne pepper and soy sauce, of which we had none.  I stopped by Safeway on my way home Friday night to make the purchases.  Once again, the free plums for our homemade wild plum sauce ended up costing us almost $10.00 in the additional ingredients needed.  Oh well, we will have cayenne pepper and ginger root around for probably a year, since I only needed a tablespoon of each for the sauce.

The steps required to make the plum sauce actually took a good hour and a great deal of labor.  While the pork cutlets were baking, I went to work.  After all was said and done, almost 3 pounds of wild plums, made about a cup and a half of plum sauce.  Perhaps, we will rethink this next time.  The cutlets were ready and Michael served up his homemade potatoes salad, as I poured the finished sauce into little bowls.  We didn't want to risk drizzling the sauce on the pork.  We thought dipping would be the way to go, just in case.  I must admit the sauce was delicious.  We sat down and rejoiced as we thanked the Lord for His wonderful provisions and enjoyed the fruits of our labors.

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