October 24, 2015

We are half way there! They are not Tree Change Dolls, but they are wonderful in their own way!

Most of you know by now that I was inspired by an Australian artist who's transformed "Bratz" dolls known as "Tree Change Dolls" went viral earlier this year.  After developing my own style, I decided to make 100 dolls and give 50% of the proceeds to an organization that helps rescue kids out of the sex trafficking industry.  I also decided to keep mine reasonably priced (starting at just $24.99 each) so that more people could afford them.

My line of dolls is called "Just K.I.D.S" and the acronym stands for recapturing Kindness & Innocence & Delighting in the Sweetness of Childhood.

Our desire is to have all 100 sold before Christmas so that we can present a check to the organization before the Holiday season.  This is truly a non-profit, labor of love.

To date we have sold 51 dolls!  But, time is ticking away.  I hope you visit my shop and purchase at least one.  You will make a little girl very happy and also know that your purchase went to help other little girls.  If you don't have a child to buy for this year, purchase one and give it to a little girl on your block or a little girl in your church.  It is amazing what the Lord will do through sweet acts of unexpected giving!

Thanks Everyone for your help with this campaign.  Here is the latest listing:

And here is one that got snatched up almost the moment that I posted it!

There are 51 left to pick from - Make sure you click on the listings and then go through the pictures!


I also made a series of "Circus" KIDS, so you may find one or two of those that make you smile!

Any questions at all, just leave me a comment.

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