January 10, 2016

An Artistic Challenge

Today was a "Do anything you want" day. These haven't come around very often and I was really excited to have no obligations and no housework, etc, I got this idea to use a bunch of the odds and ends (left over from the doll campaign) and to really challenge myself, artistically. I decided to attempt a Captain Jack Sparrow" doll.  He's a work in progress. Much more work needed on the face - But, I am thrilled with the progress. I will post the final in a few days, once I have made some corrections to his features on the face and added the detailing to the custom.

Here is a full view of the outfit - I am still working on the face.  

He will not be meant as a doll to play with.  But more of an art doll. 

Please visit my shop to view more of my work.  I have decided to continue to campaign to raise money to help rescue kids trapped in the sex trafficking industry.

Here is the Latest UPDATE!  Almost there....

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