January 30, 2016

The Campaign Continues...

We were able to reach our original goal of making and selling 100 Transformed Bratz dolls to benefit an organization that helps rescue children trapped in the sex trafficking industry.  For that we are very thankful and have decided to continue the campaign throughout the year.  That means that almost all of the profit from the sell of my "Just K.I.D.S" dolls during calendar year 2016 will again go to such an organization.  Here is one of my newest kids on the block:

While sitting out back enjoying the crisp morning air, the husband noticed that there was moss growing on top of the short little side yard fence. And coming up out of the moss, were sparkly green sprouts of some sort. My little hippie kid really wanted to get a closer look and so did I. So, even though she got a little dirty and I had to clean her up afterwards, it was well worth the adventure. We took a bunch of cool pictures! Enjoy!

She even has hand painted Birkenstock sandals:

You can find all my "Just K.I.D.S" by clicking HERE


sdm fann said...

Your little hippie girl needs some flowers in her hair. Love what you are doing Ann the organization you donate your profits to!

Dianna Wood said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the flower idea. Hopefully, someone will purchase her and take her out into the garden to find just the right flowers fro her hair. (smiling).