May 12, 2014

"Monkey" is chill'n

As the temperatures climb in this part of California, we were blessed to finally get our window AC installed today.  Keep in mind, the 50 year old window AC had to be replaced and it had been installed in the Jalousie window of our 1964 Mobile home.  So, step one was finding a new unit that would actually fit the space without having to do major modifications to the window.  Michael had taken measurements and researched the internet to find the only one that would have enough BTU's and still fit in the existing space.  We were pretty sure it would work and prayed that no modification would need to be made, like removing another pane from the window.

By the time I got home from work our contractor and his son Ryan were already at work removing the old unit.  It was approximately 96 degrees outside and probably 85 inside our home.

Dang!  I have a really big head!  Anyway--here is the space where the new window AC needed to go.  It took a couple hours to get it installed; but, it fit like a glove and is now running on high and has cooled our little house down to a very comfortable 72 degrees!.

Monkey (who is a very large and furry cat) was most appreciative and quickly found a spot to enjoy the new addition to our little home.

The only thing left to do is finish caulking and painting the molding and trim in the kitchen and bathroom and get all the electrical work done in the kitchen.

As I sit here writing, it is a hot 92 outside and a cool 70 degrees in our little house.  This is one happy wifey!

Thanks husband for all your research and hard work to make sure that the unit we purchased would fit into the little window and efficiently cool down our little home.

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