May 18, 2014

An Anniversary Tradition

Today is our 4th Wedding Anniversary.  It has become a tradition (if you can count 3 years as a tradition), to purchase a living plant for our garden.  Our best friend, Deni, started this when she gifted us a beautiful potted Hydrangea for our First Wedding Anniversary.  The following year we bought 2 more Hydrangea.

Unfortunately, when we moved from our little apartment, we were unable to take our Hydrangea's with us.  Oh I suppose we could have; but,  they had become part of a garden that we started at the base of the stairs leading up to our apartment, and right before we moved, the management decided to build a garden wall to enhance what we had done, so we would have felt badly about digging up all the plants.

Yesterday, we took a trip to the Garden Center with the intention of buying a large potted Hydrangea.  As we were going up and down the aisles, we came across one of the most beautiful plants I think I have ever seen.

It is pictured above and is called a "Bleeding Heart".  It is a vining plant and can grow as tall as 16 feet!  We decided to also purchase a couple 8 pack "color spots" and I went with all white blossoms to fill the space between the fence and the garden box.

So begins our Anniversary tradition in the Wood's New Secret Garden.

While working inside, trying to finish up some last minute projects, a funny little spider crawled out from behind molding in the kitchen that I was attempting to paint.  Look at the little bucked tooth face he has on the back of his little body.  P.S.  The black and white spider was smaller than the head of a screw.


Anonymous said...

The spider is a Zebra Jumping Spider. Excellent little guy to have around. Excellent Blog :)

Dianna Wood said...

Thanks so much for your comment Anonymous! We are off to google "Zebra Jumping Spider".