May 15, 2014

We're Having an "Open House" and You're Invited!

Although we are not yet finished with all the renovation projects, we have decided to host an "Open House" next Saturday - in order to meet all of our new neighbors. Heck, we may not be done for another year and didn't want to put off meeting people in our new community.

The first step was to decide on how to invite everyone. I decided to create a photo collage invitation; save it as a jpg; and, have 4 X 6 photo prints printed at Walgreen's for 10 cents each. (We will be hand delivering these to all 500 and something homes in the park.) Phew - Not looking forward to that!

I also really wanted to have something for all the guests who might pop in to meet us and tour our little home to take home with them, so step two was created little favors. I found little organza bags (meant for baby shower favors) at the Dollar Tree - (6 bags for a dollar) and filled them with:

1. A brief bio for both me and Michael with our contact information and our blog addresses that I typeset in a WORD document; cut into 2 inch by 8 inch strips and folded into a little square. I wanted the cover to match the interior design of our house. So I placed a bold "Hello" on the right hand corner of the strip.

2. A little glass accent gem (which come 50 in a bag at the Dollar Tree) which I embellished with a little gold heart. I used a Sharpie Bronze metalic marker to draw the little heart on the flat side of the glass gem.
and of course candy

3. I purchased both "Graffiti" Taffy and individually wrapped chocolate gourmet ments and included one of each in each little bag.

If you want to tackle something like this - get a few friends to help draw gold hearts on the glass gems and to help fold all your little square "hello's".

I will be placing these little favors in a butterfly net near the front porch for guests to grab on their way out. You can use this concept to write anything you want inside the little square note - truly a one-of-a-kind party favor - This would be great for a wedding reception, as well.

Here is another look:

I am really pleased with how the little "Open House" favors match the interior feel of the house. Let me know if you have any questions about the supplies or the cute little folded note. Wish you all lived in Sacramento County and could stop by.

Hey - If any of you do--you are more than welcome to pop in - I would love to meet you!

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