November 25, 2008

Let's talk about "Men and Cars" Shall we?

This is really off topic in terms of the major theme of this blog. But, I felt a pressing need to express it. So, here we go:

Man #1: He sees a new model and must have it. He loves the way it looks. He imagines himself inside of that car. He thinks about how good he will feel when he pulls up to a stoplight and people look at him in that car. “Boy, he must be someone special and successful to be driving that car”. He works two jobs in order to buy that car. He finally has the necessary funds to buy it and he goes down to the dealer and purchases his dream car. Every night he pulls it into his garage, dusts it off, stands back and looks at it with a great deal of pride and affection. Five years later, he pulls up to a stop light, glances over and sees the new model of his same car. He looks at it for quite awhile and realizes that there are features on this latest model that he finds more appealing.

That night, he pulls his car into the garage and as he is dusting it off, images of the other car keep flashing into his mind. The car he once loved more than any other car and that he could not live without, all of a sudden, has lost some of its appeal. The next day, he visits the dealer to find out how much he can get for his old car as a trade-in and is delighted to find out that he can afford the newer model. He trades in his old car and drives off the lot in his new car. Happy once again!

Man #2: He would never dream of buying a car. He leases them. He finds one that he likes; one that will meet his needs at the time and leases it. While he is driving it, he is satisfied. He leases one when he feels the need for adventure; he leases a different one when he feels the need for speed; he leases the next one when he wants to feel the wind in his face. He is a happy man. He never has to deal with an old car that won’t start in the morning; or a small car if he has the need for lots of storage space. As soon as his needs change, he leases a different car. He is a happy man.

Man #3: He sees a car that appeals to him visually. He wants this car in a big way. Although he likes the looks of it, he is also concerned about the comfort, reliability, and the overall integrity of its engine. Before he buys it, he talks to mechanics and reads all the consumer reports. He finally concludes that this car is for him. He works 2 jobs to buy it and finally saves up enough money to purchase his new car. He loves his car. He keeps it waxed and shinning; he does all of the required oil changes and regular maintenance; he buys new tires for it when it needs new tires, gets new brakes and a timing belt. He takes really good care of his car. After ten years, he notices that its clear coat is starting to peel and its leaking a small amount of oil and its transmission is starting to slip. When he goes in for a regular scheduled maintenance, he is told that he needs the head gasket replaced and it will cost him $1,200. The service clerk says, “Hey buddy, perhaps its time to trade her in. I mean she’s got over 200,000 miles on her; she is looking pretty shabby; she is costing you some money. Perhaps it’s time for a new car?”

The man ponders this and says, “You know what buddy, I don’t care how much this car costs me; she will never cost me as much as a new car would; I have invested years of my life into this car; I love my car. I don’t care what she looks like; I’m willing to fork over whatever it costs to keep her running. She has been good to me and I will be good to her. After driving this car for 19 years, he is loyal to his car. He brags about her, and he does whatever is required to keep her running. He gets his needs met when he pulls up to a stop light and someone rolls down there window and says, "Man, what year is that car?"

Man #4. This man decides he wants a truck. He wants a vehicle that will serve him. He is very aware of his desire for a shiny new vehicle that will make him look good, but his real desire is for a vehicle that will simply perform. He buys a beautiful new red Ram 3500 truck. As he drives it off the lot, he says to himself, “I refuse to be in bondage to your beauty”. I will not park you where nobody can make a ding in my driver side door." On his way home with his new shiny, beautiful vehicle he decides to pull off the highway and to test this vehicle. He drives over pot holes, rocks and crevices; he drives through brush and weeds and rubble. He then pulls back onto the smooth highway. When he arrives home he steps outside of his truck and looks at her and says, “There, now I will longer care about a little nick or scratch. I will not be in bondage to your beauty; I will be free to enjoy you for how you perform and serve my needs instead of how you look.

So, what kind of man are you? Which man do you relate to the most? In case you missed the analogy; replace the car in each one of the above examples, with your attitude about a woman.

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Donna said...

This is absolutely flabbergasting. I had the same EXACT thought about 7 years ago. I felt like that car at one time

Did I blog this somewhere and you got a hold of this and plagerized it? ") Do we have the same parents?Were we twins separated at birth?

Read my post Women in Power Posted Aug 2 , 2006. Most would find it offensive. Good, then I've done my job.