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This should be fun!

In a previous post, we talked about "Men and Cars". Now we'll talk about women and chocolate Cake. Does that make me a sexist? "Whatever"--she said tongue-in-cheek.

I recently met someone who got me thinking a great deal along the lines of "morality" and "Christianity"; will power vs. grace; the old nature and the new nature; and, what happens after the "new birth". I'm not sure why, but it got me also thinking about chocolate cake. I wanted to invite you along for the ride. This should actually be fun:

Picture the scene: There are seven (7) women in a room who are all on a diet to lose weight. Someone brings a four-layer chocolate cake into the room and places it on the table.

Questions #1: Will all seven women struggle with temptation?

One actually doesn’t care for chocolate cake at all. No temptation whatsoever. However, if it were a plate of deep fried jalapeƱo poppers, that would be another story. So the answer is "No".

Question #2: Those who are tempted, will they all struggle with the same degree of temptation?

One is allergic to chocolate and although they love the taste of it, they know that if they give into their desire for it, they will pay a huge price and therefore the temptation is there but it is fleeting.

One loves chocolate cake and yet they happen to know that the one who baked the cake, lets her cats up on the kitchen counter while she is cooking; picks her nose a lot; and rarely is seen washing here hands after using the lady’s room. So a much as this person is tempted by chocolate cake; and the cake looks delicious, the knowledge of who made the cake quickly squelches their desire for it. So the answer again is, "No".

Question #3: The remaining four women in the room all love chocolate cake and their mouths are watering. They all really want a piece of that cake. They are all equally tempted. Will they all have a piece of cake?

#1) Declines (as much as they want that cake) because they are strong willed and self-disciplined.

#2) Declines a piece of cake, but when no one is looking they run their finger along the bottom icing and quickly lick the delicious frosting off of their finger.

#3) Breaks down and takes a piece of cake.

#4) Decides to take a piece home for their daughter and on the way home eats it in the car and cleans up all the evidence.

So what is my point?

Question #4: Do these “natural” differences (in how we struggle with sin and temptation as individuals) change instantly once we are “born-again”?

We will visit this more tomorrow--or at least I will.


Mel said…
I am one of those that wouldn't be very tempted in a chocolate shop. I would, however, be extremely tempted in a restaurant or cafe that sold Japanese food. Our neighbors cook oriental food occassionally, and the mouth-watering aromas waft through their windows until it's all I can do not to rush over there and beg for a plate. We're tempted by what we desire... That's why James says that we're led astray by our own desires.

I can't be tempted with cigarettes or drugs because I have absolutely no desire for either of those things. I am, however, extremely tempted to spend six hours on the computer when I know I should be doing other things. May God help me find the right balances in all areas, for His glory. :)

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