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Spared from Suffering or Spared from Sin. What do you pray for?

Above every evil, we should consider sin as the greatest evil--as it is the fountain and origin of all evils. Sin is the only target--at which all the arrows of divine vengeance are shot! Sinners are those spiders which weave their own webs--and are afterwards entangled in them! Our own destruction--is but the fruit of our own transgression.

There is more real evil in a particle of corruption--than in an ocean of tribulation! The evil of suffering is transient--but the evil of sin is permanent. The consistent Christian will always choose the worst of sorrows--before he will commit the least of sins! The wicked entirely reverse this--for they prefer the greatest sin--to the least sufferings!

This is to leap out of the hot pan--into the consuming fire! By seeking to shun an external calamity--they rush into eternal misery! This is as if a man should lose his head--to preserve his hat! As the works of sin are dishonorable; so the wages of sin are deadly! "The wages of sin--is death." The corruption of nature is the cause of the dissolution of nature.

The candle of our lives--is blown out by the wind of our lusts! Were it not for sin--death would never have had a beginning! Were it not for death--sin would never have an ending! What is so sweet a good as Christ? And what is so great an evil as lust?

Sin has brought many a believer into suffering--and suffering has instrumentally kept many a believer out of sin! It is better to be preserved in brine--than to rot in honey! The bitterest medicine is to be preferred--before the sweetest poison! The consistent Christian will always choose the worst of sorrows--before he will commit the least of sins!

William Secker, "The Consistent Christian" 1660


Mel said…
Oh, Dear Lord, how I long to be able to open the heads of the children in my life like flip-top canisters and pour this life-changing, heart-humbling truth into their spirits! Sin is made as little of as God is in our culture, while insignificant worthless fluff is made much of. God help us.

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