February 16, 2009

Why we do what we do (Part 3)

I started this string of posts with a particular point in mind. I am not going to conclude it, just yet. I will simply leave the reader to ponder this final question:

Why do we have such an easy time following the "rules" and obeying the "law" when there are immediate, temporal, negative consequences involved if we do not; and yet, think we have little to no control over things we do (that we know we should not do) which have no immediate, negative, temporal consequences?


Mel said...

Why did you decide not to post part 3?

TruthMatters said...

Hi there Mel,

Simply wanted to let people chew on it a little more.

I was hoping someone might get the point, without me actually spelling it out.

I may revisit it later. I very much enjoyed your contributions (smiling).