February 25, 2009

Will you remember? (part seven)

Sermon Preached by C.H. Spurgeon
Solomon’s Song 1:4

“We will remember thy love more than wine.”

(part seven)

The next effect will be, "holy practice". When we remember the love of Christ to us, we shall hate sin. Feeling that he has bought us with his precious blood, we shall abhor the very name of iniquity. When Satan tempts us, we shall each one say, "Get gone; for I will have nothing to do with you; I remember Christ's love to me.”

Have you never heard the story of the Indian woman, who, when she was enticed by some great chief, who wished to lead her astray made to him this noble answer, "I know no one in the world to be beautiful or attractive but my husband"? So will the believer say, when he is tempted, "I know of nothing that is good but Christ; I know of no one who is so fair as he is; so begone, black Satan, my heart is given wholly to Christ, and I will have nothing to do with you.”

Another effect of remembering the love of Christ will be, "repose of heart in time of trouble".

When we have, for a while, lost the light of God's countenance; when we are like the apostle in that great storm at sea, and are in a place where two seas meet, and our vessel is already broken by the violence of the waves.

When darkness increases our fears, or daylight reveals fresh dangers, then is it specially sweet to remember the love of our Lord.

In such a time as that, the tried believer can say, "He did love me once, and his love never changes. Though I cannot now see the light of his countenance, I know that he is still the same as he ever was. I remember the garden of delights where he revealed his love to me, and the banqueting house where he gave me such choice fare; and I feel persuaded that he has not forgotten his poor spouse, but that he will come to her again, and once more lift her out of the mire, set her feet upon a rock, put a new song into her mouth, and establish her goings.”

A constant remembrance of Christ's love to us will make us always cheerful, dutiful, holy.

Dear Lord, grant us this boon; for if you will enable us to remember your love more than wine, you will give us all good things in one. Let your good Spirit but keep us up to this good resolution, and we shall be both holy and happy, honoring you and rejoicing in you.

continued tomorrow...

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Mel said...

I'm so glad this series is continuing... Are you typing this all? Wow, thanks for investing the time to do this. I pray this blog will be around for the next 20 years and beyond, so that my children will be able to feast on the truths contained here in such concentrated quantities. :)