February 27, 2009

Will you remember? (part ten)

Sermon Preached by C.H. Spurgeon
Solomon’s Song 1:4

“We will remember thy love more than wine.”

Today we conclude our journey down this river of Christ's love. As I looked back to part one and two, I realized how soon I have forgotten the beauty and joy of the scenary that flooded my eyes, heart, and soul at the beginning of this journey. Oh, Lord, I pray that You will ever increase the capacity of my mind, heart and soul to retain within the love of Christ.

When any of you meet together, it is always a good thing to make Christ the theme of your conversation. Oh, what a deal of idle gossip there is even on Sundays. Many people do not go out on Sunday afternoon, so they must talk about something. They do not like to talk about their trade; that would be too secular, they fancy. They do not like to talk about strictly sacred things; that might appear hypocritical, they think. So they begin, "Have you ever heard so-and-so preach?” "Yes, I did once.” "Did you like him?” So, from one, they go on to others, and ministers and their sermons become the bones that they pick on Sunday afternoons.

They feel that they must have some theme for their conversation not quite sacred, nor wholly secular.

I would advise you to talk more about the Lord Jesus Christ than you have been wont to do; you will be less likely to forget his love if you are often talking of him. Let the music of his name ring in your ears all the day long; and if you would have it ring in your ears, it must ring from your tongue. Whenever you have the opportunity, tell out the marvelous story of his great love to you; so will your own memory be refreshed, and others, listening to your testimony, will also get a large, and, it may be, an everlasting blessing.

May God now grant to you, my dear hearers, that you may retain a sense of Christ's love to you, if you have ever enjoyed it!

If you never have, may God now give it to you!

If you have never come to Christ, come to him now. Remember that Jesus loves sinners. Those who are now farthest from him, when they once return to him, shall know that he loves them.

If you "take with you words,” and come unto him, groaning and sighing, he will not cast you out.

He stands now with open arms, and freely invites you. Come to him, I beseech you. As his ambassador, I entreat you to come; if you do so, he will fold you to his bosom. All that the heirs of heaven can have, you shall have. All that the glorified saints are now enjoying shall yet be your privilege also. You shall one day walk with Christ in white, and see his face, and be with him in Paradise, and be blessed throughout eternity.

May God grant us his grace now, that our text may become the cheerful sonnet of our experience, "We will remember your love more than wine."

Reflecting back: "Mere mortal joys write their record on the sand, and their memory is soon effaced; but Christ's love is like an inscription cut deeply into marble, the remembrance of it is deeply engraven in our hearts. The joy of the creature is something like a lithograph cut lightly on the stone; when the stone is cleaned, the picture is gone; but the love of Christ is like the steel engraving, it is deeply cut, and cannot be easily erased. Earthly joys tread with light feet, and leave but a faint impression; but the love of Christ treads into the very core of our soul at every footstep, and therefore it is that we remember it better than we remember any earthly pleasure."

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