February 6, 2010

It's Not Too Late

As Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, I have the perfect gift recommendation for every women. It is critical, however, that you sit your husbands down and tell them about this before they go out on their own. Don't wait too long. You should probably plan on telling him this weekend--no later than Tuesday, if at all possible.

What is it? What is it that most husbands would absolutely love for Valentine's Day? Well, based on my conversations with men over the past 25 years, as well as, listening and observing how men talk and act about this particular "holiday" (when you cannot hear them); there is something that you can give them that would bless most, if not, all men.

Here is what I would highly recommend: First, ask your husband if you might be allowed this year to tell him exactly what you want for Valentine's Day. Once you have his attention, simply tell him that what you would like for Valentine's Day is absolutely nothing. Tell him that your gift to him this year is to let him off the hook.

Okay, I admit this was not what you might have expected to hear. But, perhaps some of you women, reading this blog, might actually embrace this concept. I don't think you will be disappointed--unless flowers make you happier than your husband's smile.

How I wish more women would do this. Do they have any idea how most men feel about Valentine's Day? I often wonder why women put so much emphasis on these things. Do they actually determine the level of their husbands love by how big a bouquet they get? Forgive me women, but I don't get it and I hope I never do.

Give your husbands a break this year and rejoice in the happiness you might bring him by blessing him with the freedom he will feel when he realizes that you are perfectly content without receiving the obligatory "Valentine's Day" gift. Now, men, make more effort to express your love for your wives all year round so that you don't feel you have to somehow make up for what was lacking the rest of the year by purchasing that ridiculously over priced jar of flowers that will die in a week or two.

Post Script:
In the event that you happen to be a man who absolutely looks forward to this day and can't wait to go shopping for that perfect Valentine's Day gift for your wife, please forgive me for even suggesting such things.

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