February 17, 2010

Never too old to giggle!

O how good it is to giggle like a little child. Life is full of such simple delights. One can find joy in some of the seemingly silliest things--like frozen peas, for example. "Frozen peas? How can one find joy in frozen peas?"

Well here is how. Approximately one year ago, I bought a couple dozen bags of frozen peas (they were on clearance at a grocery outlet store) and brought them to work. For some reason we all started eating peas for breakfast. After the first week I found myself singing a little "jingle" while my peas were in the microwave at work:

Having peas for breakfast is very fun to do.
Having peas for breakfast is very good for you.
Having peas for breakfast--is very strange its true;
But, having peas for breakfast is something you should do.

Of course, in order to get the full picture, you have to imagine a 49 year old woman singing the above jingle (several times and with a Shirley Temple type voice) while swaying back and forth in front of the microwave. Before long, the other gals in the office were saying, "Sing the pea song, sing the pea song" and soon there after, they were, themselves, singing the pea song, while preparing their bowl of peas. Now you have to admit, that is strange and yet delightful.

Now take a grown man--having remembered me sharing the pea story above; he writes the little ditty below while removing a bag of frozen peas from the freezer:

Peas for dinner I have tonight,
Peas that make the eyes so bright.
Peas that once were O, so cold,
Now fill the belly and warm the soul.
Would you with me, now eat this treat,
And laugh and dance with both your feet.

O' let us never get too old to giggle. I can even imagine a children's book with the above little songs which might encourage little ones to eat their vegetables.

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Anonymous said...

... lovely little jingle, for sure! And Michaels is adorable! We miss your little jingle at work... "Please, please sing the pea song again" Please????!!!!

See you at work Dianna!